SH-20 Ballistic Shield Backpack

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A backpack which can be wielded as a one-handed ballistic shield, protecting against small arms fire.

— Ship Management Terminal

The SH-20 Ballistic Shield Backpack provides portable cover against enemy small arms fire when wielded. Due to the shield requiring one arm to use, most weapons can not be used in tandem, with the exception being sub-machine guns like the Defender and pistols like the Redeemer.

Extends vertically and is held in the left hand when wielding a one-handed weapon. Collapses and is stowed on the back when switching to a two-handed weapon. When the shield is equipped, first person ADS is a view through the shield's viewport, requiring the player to aim using the weapon's laser pointer (if present) or at best eyeballing it.


SH-20 Ballistic Shield Backpack
Main Health 400
Main Armor Armor AV4 Icon.png Medium II
Cooldown 300 sec
Call-in Time 5 s

Gameplay Tips

  • The ballistic shield is only effective when facing the Automatons rather than the Terminids due to the amount of gunfire the former employs, and the fact that it does not block melee attacks, being the main attack type of Terminids.
  • Will not block Terminid bile, flames (such as from a Hulk Scorcher), explosions, or electrical arcs.
  • The in-game description is slightly misleading, as the shield will block any enemy fire that doesn't have an explosive AoE, including the Scout Strider's guns, Shredder Tank quad laser repeaters, and the miniguns of a Factory Strider.
    • Will be rendered unusable and dropped to the ground if directly hit by a (typically explosive) projectile of sufficient strength, such as a tank cannon or after sustaining damage from rockets. The 3D model will reflect this, appearing cracked and warped. This can happen whether held in the hand or on the player's back.
  • Will block projectiles from the rear when stowed on the back, which can be utilized to great effect during retreats where your back is turned to the enemy.
  • The player will drop the shield when picking up two-handed carriable objects, such as SEAF Artillery shells and explosive barrels. This can be avoided by putting the shield on your back first by switching to a two-handed weapon before picking up the object.

Applicable Ship Modules

The following Ship Modules affect the SH-20 Ballistic Shield Backpack:

Department Ship Module Effect
Patriotic Administration Center Hand Carts Reduces the cooldown of the stratagem from 480 seconds to 432 seconds (7 minutes, 12 seconds).


Tutorial Video Demonstrating Use of the SH-20 Ballistic Shield Backpack

Change History




  • Fixed not being able to stand up while wielding the ballistic shield.



  • Ballistic shield now collides with grenades.



  • Secondary weapon no longer remains in the Ballistic Shield ADS position after using a stim with the Ballistic Shield Backpack equipped.



  • Collision mesh has been slightly increased in size for more forgiveness
  • Changed shield poses so that less of the helldiver is exposed
  • Addressed bug where parts of the helldiver would become vulnerable while using the shield in first person