Orbital Gas Strike

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A projectile which releases a cloud of corrosive gas, harmful to both organic and robotic lifeforms.

— Ship Management Terminal

The Orbital Gas Strike is an offensive Stratagem in Helldivers 2 that damages and slows enemies over a large area. The gas released lingers for about 15 seconds before dissipating, during which time all smaller enemies will likely die, and medium enemies will either die or be severely damaged. Larger enemies will take damage, but their health pools are great enough that they are unlikely to perish outright.


  • Call-in Time: 2 Seconds (3 sec in-game)
  • Uses: Unlimited
  • Cooldown Time: 75 Seconds (1 Minute 15 Seconds)

Detailed Weapon Statistics

Orbital Gas Strike
Cooldown 75 sec
Call-in Time 2 s
Salvos 1
Orbital Gas Projectile
Orbital Gas Explosion
Orbital Gas
Caliber 84 mm
Mass 5 kg
Initial Velocity 400 m/s
Drag Factor 0%
Gravity Factor 100%
Penetration Slowdown 25%
Standard 300
vs. Durable 300
Direct Armor AP7 Icon.png Heavy III
Slight Angle Armor AP7 Icon.png Heavy III
Large Angle Armor AP6 Icon.png Heavy II
Extreme Angle Armor AP0 Icon.png Unarmored
Special Effects
Demolition Force 50
Stagger Force 60
Push Force 15
Orbital Gas
Area of Effect
Inner Radius 1 m
Outer Radius 15 m
Shockwave Radius 20 m
Damage Element Gas
Inner Radius 0
Inner Radius Armor AP6 Icon.png Heavy II
Outer Radius Armor AP5 Icon.png Heavy I
Shockwave Armor AP6 Icon.png Heavy II
AoE Effect
Status Gas
Status Strength 100
Demolition Force 50
Stagger Force 10
Push Force 40

Gameplay Tips

  • The gas strike can be placed in advance of a horde to damage and slow them.
  • The gas will slowly spread out after the initial cloud forms, and seems to spread even faster downhill if it's deployed on a slope.
  • If you are being chased, tossing this beacon right at your feet, running for two seconds, then diving away will allow you to just barely avoid the cloud, while ensuring it hits all the enemies on your heels.
  • A single, well-placed Gas Strike can kill all the light bugs that spawn from a Bug Breach, and deliver serious damage to the heavier ones. It is similarly useful for Bot Drops on lower difficulties, though those tend to bring in mostly medium/heavy enemies at higher difficulties.
  • The Gas Strike synergizes quite well with the Orbital EMS Strike, as well as other stunning and slowing effects.
  • While the gas cloud appears to persist for 20 seconds before entirely dissipating, it seems to stop dealing damage as soon as it begins to dissipate, which is after about 15 seconds.
  • A Helldiver can only survive for about 2 seconds while exposed to the gas. If you find yourself choking to death, dive away from the cloud quickly, Soldier!
  • The green gas cloud may become less distinguishable from the surrounding environment, due to certain weather conditions, and/or the fog created by a Spore Spewer.

Affected By

The following Ship Modules affect the Orbital Gas Strike:

Department Ship Module Effect
Orbital Cannons Zero-G Breech Loading Reduces the cooldown from 1:15 to 1:08.
Bridge Targeting Software Upgrade Reduces the in-game call-in time from 3 seconds to 2.


Tutorial Video Demonstrating Use of the Orbital Gas Strike

Change History




  • Damage-over-time effects now apply consistently when not the network session owner.