Orbital Smoke Strike

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Creates a large, thick smoke screen to block targets' line of sight.

— Ship Management Terminal

The Orbital Smoke Strike creates a large smokescreen to provide cover. When called the strike will be perpendicular from the direction you were facing when thrown.


  • Call-in Time: 2 Seconds
  • Uses: Unlimited
  • Cooldown Time: 100 Seconds (1 Minute 40 Seconds)

Gameplay Tips

  • Like the Eagle Smoke Strike, this stratagem can be used to block line of sight. This allows you to reposition or tactically retreat.
    • The Orbital Smoke Strike is perfect for covering a Helldiver who is interacting with a Terminal, especially when calling-in extraction while being attacked.

Affected By

The following Ship Modules affect the Orbital Smoke Strike:

Department Ship Module Effect
Orbital Cannons Zero-G Breech Loading
Bridge Targeting Software Upgrade


Tutorial Video Demonstrating Use of the Orbital Smoke Strike