Orbital Gatling Barrage

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A barrage of high explosive rounds, fired from the Destroyer's high speed rotary autocannons.

— Ship Management Terminal

The Orbital Gatling Barrage is an offensive stratagem that delivers a devastating barrage of 23mm shells from above, creating a swath of destruction against enemy forces. It fires a constant, low-dispersion barrage of explosive shells over the course of about 9 seconds.


Call-in Time 4 seconds
Uses Unlimited
Cooldown Standard 70 seconds
Upgraded 63 seconds

Detailed Weapon Statistics

Orbital Gatling Barrage
Cooldown 80 sec
Call-in Time 2 s
Salvos 4
Capacity 60
Cannon Eagle 23mm Projectile
Cannon 23mm Silent Explosion
Cannon Eagle 23mm
Caliber 23 mm
Mass 400 g
Initial Velocity 1050 m/s
Drag Factor 30%
Gravity Factor 100%
Penetration Slowdown 25%
Standard 300
vs. Durable 100
Direct Armor AP5 Icon.png Heavy I
Slight Angle Armor AP5 Icon.png Heavy I
Large Angle Armor AP4 Icon.png Medium II
Extreme Angle Armor AP0 Icon.png Unarmored
Special Effects
Demolition Force 30
Stagger Force 35
Push Force 3
Cannon 23mm Silent
Area of Effect
Inner Radius 1.5 m
Outer Radius 4.5 m
Shockwave Radius 6.5 m
Inner Radius 250
Outer Radius 249 - 0
Inner Radius Armor AP3 Icon.png Medium I
Outer Radius Armor AP2 Icon.png Light II
Shockwave Armor AP3 Icon.png Medium I
AoE Effect
Demolition Force 30
Stagger Force 35
Push Force 5

Gameplay Tips

  • The area of effect is not very large, so accuracy on deployment is advised.
  • The barrage lasts ~9 seconds and takes place over a ~20 meter radius. Its random targeting and relatively small explosion radius per shot mean it'll kill most, but not all enemies that pass through the area, and is not particularly likely to kill heavy targets, though it will likely damage them.
  • The barrage can destroy light structures like fences and walls to aid a Helldiver's traversal and can be used to open steel-doored containers in a pinch.
  • This barrage can be used to destroy mission objectives such as Illegal Broadcast Towers.
  • The barrage can destroy Bug Holes and Fabricators, but it is unreliable as it requires a gatling round to directly enter the bug hole or fabricator's vents, which is impossible whenever they are not facing the Super Destroyer.
  • For killing large groups of enemies, like Bug Breaches, this stratagem is an alternative to the Orbital Airburst Strike and the Orbital Gas Strike.

Affected by:

The following Ship Modules upgrades affect the Orbital Gatling Barrage:

Department Ship Module Effect
Orbital Cannons Exploding Shrapnel Increases the effective radius of this barrage's small explosions.
Zero-G Breech Loading Reduces cooldown from 1:10 to 1:03.
More Guns The barrage lasts 2 additional seconds.
Bridge Targeting Software Upgrade Reduces the in-game call-in time from 4 seconds to 3.


Tutorial Video Demonstrating Use of the Orbital Gatling Barrage

Change History




  • Increased fire rate by 25%.
  • Increased rounds per salvo from 30 to 60.
  • Increased armor penetration (Can damage heavy armored enemies).
  • Decreased cooldown from 80 seconds to 70 seconds.



  • Fixed issue where kills from orbital barrage did not progress Indirect Fire Exercise order.