LIFT-850 Jump Pack

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Enables the user to jump higher than 'gravity' and 'safety; would normally allow. Must be charged before use.

— Ship Mangement Terminal

The Jump Pack significantly increases the wearer's mobility. When activated, the Helldiver is able to jump over large rocks, up cliffs, and across small gaps.


  • Call-in Time: 5 sec (9 sec in-game)
  • Uses: Unlimited
  • Cooldown Time: 480 Seconds (8 Minutes)

Tactical Information

  • After using the Jump Pack, it must recharge for 20 seconds before it can be used again.
  • The Jump Pack can be used to very quickly reach elevated ground.
  • The Jump Pack also provides a boost in horizontal speed scaling off of the Helldiver's movement speed prior to jumping.
  • Grenades and Stratagems may be accurately aimed and thrown while jumping, though weapons are unable to.
  • Your jump speed is affected by your speed modifiers before jumping.
    • Jumping without Stamina will lead to less speed.
    • Jumping is drastically slowed by the Slowed status effect applied by Hunters, Bile Terminids, and various planetary flora and conditions.

Applicable Ship Modules

The following Ship Modules affect the Lift-850 Jump Pack:

Department Ship Module Effect
Patriotic Administration Center Hand Carts Reduces the stratagem cooldown from 8:00 to 7:12.


  • Each time the player jumps with the Jump Pack, their cape gets increasingly visually damaged. The damage sustained varies by the length of the cape, with shorter capes taking far less damage.


Tutorial Video Demonstrating Use of the Lift-850 Jump Pack